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  1. What is the Estimated Delivery Time?

    Orders within Lagos will be delivered between 1-2 working days

    Orders outside Lagos will be delivered between 3-5 working days.

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  2. Does Maybrands Offer Payments In Installments?

    Yes, Maybrands offer payments in installments as Store Credit,you can make a deposit for a product you want which will be in your account and when you make complete payment,you will receive your product.

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  3. How Can I use SureGift Card?

    To use SureGifts card, on check out page after adding your item to the cart, choose ‘SureGifts Card’ as your preferred method of payment and enter the code on the SureGift voucher in box provide,click ‘update order’ to place order.

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  4. How Do I Pay On Maybrands?

    Maybrands has four methods of payments below:

    1. Pay On Delivery

    2. Bank Transfer Payment

    3. Debit Card Payment

    4. Paypal CheckOut

    5. SureGift Card

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  5. How Do I Know my Order Has Been Confirmed?

    You will get a confirmation email and you will get a call.

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  6. How Do I place an Order

    Shopping on Maybrands is easy! Once you found the product you want to buy, just follow the steps below:

    1. Click ‘Add to cart’ to add the product to your cart

    2. Click ‘Check Out’ to choose preferred payment method and shipping address

    3. Login by entering your email and password

    4. To register click on the box ‘Create an account for later use’ and enter your password

    5. Click on ‘ Place order’ to proceed to payment portal if using your card and/or complete your your order.

    Once your order is placed, we will notify you via email and call you for confirmation.

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  7. Does Maybrands Products Have Warranty?

    Yes, Maybrands wristwatches has a 2 year warranty on the movement.

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  8. Are all products on Maybrands new and unused?

    Yes,all products on Maybrands are 100% new and never been used.

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